I need to analyze a Targetco before making an investment


Good investments require a deep understanding of a company’s operational performance and future outlook. If you aren’t using predictive analytics to assess go-forward potential of an acquisition target, you’re missing out on critical data that can inform your scenario models and be used to inform targeted questions for the management team.

The CRM & marketing data systems are a goldmine of insights – let’s start digging!

Your Challenges

Deeper understanding of investment risks

Evaluating a company’s operations is a challenging undertaking. But internal data systems like the CRM & marketing automation platform can provide key insights into what is working and what is not for a given company. By analyzing a company’s sales and marketing data, you have a greater ability to identify the effectiveness of their go-to-market strategy and potential pitfalls lying ahead.

Better forecasts of future performance

Digging into a company’s sales data is critical for building revenue projections. But if a few big deals don’t hit, you may quickly find yourself in the worst-case scenario. Predictive analytics allow to develop a more accurate view of future revenue by identifying the important buying signals and flagging deals that are high risk.

Insights to identify value creation levers

Nowadays, investment returns are not driven by financial engineering alone. You need to have a clear action plan for how to create value through operational excellence. Analysis of sales & marketing data can give you a differentiated view on where the biggest opportunities and low-hanging fruit are for growing the top-line and intelligently removing wasted spend.

Our Capabilities

Buying signal identification & prioritization

Market segment revenue potential analysis

Account expansion analysis & strategy

Churn reduction analysis

Cross-sell analysis

Lead / account scoring

Customer segmentation