I need to improve the performance of a portfolio company


Creating value within a portfolio company is no easy task. Without a clear strategy and data-driven playbook, you can easily find yourself at odds with the management team on the best path forward.

We help you read the tea leaves in the CRM and marketing data systems, enabling you to identify and capture the biggest revenue opportunities and spot wasted spend that can be diverted elsewhere.

Your Challenges

Single source of truth / all data in one place

There is power in simplicity. By bringing all of your data into one place, we help you to see the patterns across data siloes. By connecting the dots, you can generate insights for faster growth.

Insights for executives on down

Different data speaks to different audiences. We customize dashboards to get the right insights in front of the right people. Senior leadership, sales managers, and marketers can rest easy 🙂

Deep understanding of customer

Which market segments have the greatest potential for growth? Who are the most profitable for your business? The easiest to convert for your sales team? We help you understand the DNA of your best customers so you can capture more of them.

Channel prioritization for lead generation

You have a fixed marketing budget but near limitless number of channels to market through. We help you build a reasonable strategy by attributing your revenue back to the right channels, helping you to double down your investments on the channels with best ROI.

Our Capabilities

Dashboard configuration

Ideal customer profile development

Customer segmentation

Lead / account scoring

Buying signal identification

Market segment revenue potential analysis

Territory optimization

Account expansion analysis & strategy

Churn reduction analysis

Cross-sell campaign design

Marketing attribution

Purchase intent analysis